Thursday, August 28, 2008

Black Dog Coffee - A Miraculous Miracle Mile Staple That's Puppy-Friendly Too!

Oh Black Dog Coffee – how I love thee. Ever since I found myself working in the Miracle Mile District of Los Angeles, I have been thrilled by the wonderful little coffee/lunch spot that is Black Dog, which is why I am compelled to write this post.

Their coffee is perfect, (doesn’t taste like an ashtray like Starbucks’ coffee does) and I have become such a fan, that I will suffer my hour-long commute sans coffee just to put my money where my mouth is and purchase theirs. (It’s well-worth the wait).

Like the coffee, the food is also quite good. Their Greek Salad is among my favorite lunch menu items, with a dressing better than any Greek dressing I’ve had elsewhere, including high-end dining establishments, which Black Dog is not. It's a casual spot, with limited seating where they serve relatively fast food that is not only unbeatable price-wise, but sure to please too, particularly for the on-the-go professional in any one number of the nearby office buildings, including myself.

Brad’s scramble is one of their breakfast options – which I order often - lean turkey, eggs, spinach and onions scrambled and made-to-order. For a while there, they were offering something called the Ryan Seacrest Special (I have NO idea why), which was also a perfect workday breakfast option consisting of egg whites, tomatoes, goat cheese – and basil if I recall correctly. Fairly basic – but tasty as well and again, you don't have to make it yourself. Not that I mind cooking, but morning are always harried. All of their sandwiches are great across the board , which they will toast upon request, furthering their selections’ inherent yumminess. I have nothing but kind words for Black Dog – and Brad, (pictured) the owner, has to be one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, as are his staff members. It is the kind-of place where they get to know you by name and are always asking how you’re doing.

The fact that they have treats for your pups, as well as a water bowl for thirsty overheated canines out front, is also a perk. We all know dog lovers are the best people.

Definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area.

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